What are the different layers of the atmosphere

There are 8 layers of the atmosphere. the 4 main layers are troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and  thermosphere. the minor layers are ozonosphere, ionosphere, exosphere, and magentosphere. the troposhere is where weather occurs and most dense. the stratoshere contains most of the ozone layer also jets fly here. mesosphere is where metors burn up and is also the coldest part of the atmosphere. In the thermosphere air molecules can be up to 1 km. apart also the international space staion.the ozonoshere protects us from most of the suns UV rays. the ionosphere helps bounce waves back to Earth. exospheresatelites orbit here. and it has no defined end. Magnetosphere earyhs magentic feild protects eath from solar wind

My First Semester Top 20 List

1. The crust is made of granite and basalt

2. The inner core is solid

3. The outter core is made of liguid iron and nickel

4.  Weathering is the breaking down of rocks

5.  Solar energy is from the sun

6. Geothermal is haet from the earth

7. Bedrock is called the R horizon

8. Litter is called the O horizon

9.There are 3 types of rocks Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic

10. The two types of Igneous rocks are intrusive and extrusive

11.  There are 5 different era’s are cenozonic, mesozonic, paleozonic, and precmbria

12. The longest era was precambria

13.A chemical rock is made of minerals left bahind by a slution

14.An igneous rocks are from lava or magama

15. A sedimentary rock is made by WEDCC

16. Coal is nonrenewable

17.Wind is caused by the unegual heating of the earth

18. Oil is nonrenewable

19. Metamorphic rocks are made by heat and pressure

2o. Subsoil is called the B horizon

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I wrote 13 post. 3 of my postes were school based and 10 were set by the challenge. i got 6 comments. the one that got the most comments was my rock story i think it got the most because it was a cute story. my rock story was the funnest to write because it was a true story and it brought me back to my childhood. i changed my blog theme once to make it more of my own. i don’t have any widgets. I don’t have any oveseas students.


 wow! how do we know about earths interior structure when we cant see it? well lets find out i have done a lab on this. it isnt that hard to do. it is pretty simple. you can do reasaearh on the topic. you can even ask a teacher it is as easy as that.

 ways we find out about earths interior structe is technolgy, earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, and sumanies. maybe in the future we will find more ways t find out things about earth. hopefully you will be the person to find it.